Iso Whey

November 17, 2021

PHL ISO Whey Protein using only Whey Protein Isolate, the protein with the highest Biological Value. This means more protein reaches your muscles on demand for maximum growth.

PHL ISO Whey Protein is loaded with Glutamine and BCAA for maximum effect, plus it has no additives which make it light without disturbing the digestion.

Specifically, the Body Health objective is to educate others on how to improve and maintain the body’s condition, and to provide them with the products needed to do that. You can trust us to be your partner as you travel the path of a healthy and vibrant life.

Benefits :

  • Provide your muscles with 26 grams of Isolated whey protein.
  • Recover the intramuscular energy after workout
  • No bloating, no indigestion or stomach upset that may block your appetite for after workout meal.
  • Lactose free which make it amazing choice for lactose intolerant people.

how to use :

  • Take 1-2 servings after workout, and you can add 1 serving during the day for maximum results.
  • Or as directed by a qualified healthcare professional.
  • Do not exceed the daily recommended intake