10mL Class I Medical Device for the treatment of Canker sores & Dental brace injuries (Official Indication)

Oral ulcers: Nearly 10% of the world population regularly suffers from canker sores & traumatic oral ulcers. In theory, ulcer healing is extremely easy as it simply requires killing the bacterial cells on one hand and stimulating the growth of new healthy cells inside the ulcer on the other hand. Until now, there was no single treatment with these two opposite yet complementary properties.

Ideal Treatment Approach: Clean the ulcer, remove bacteria & other contaminants, protect the ECM onto which daughter cells attach, & create an ideal environment for instant cell growth.

Currently Available Treatments:
Only symptomatic :
• Topical: Antiseptics, alcohol preparations, anesthetics, protective gels.
• Systemic: Antibiotics (rarely used)

In 1994, Vitrobio discovered & patented a highly osmotic solution capable of generating an instant flow of hypotonic liquid when applied on a live biological, semi-permeable, membrane (PCT/FR99/01340). Applying this solution on the ulcers cleans the injury of all the contaminants within a few minutes. The filmogen capacity of this solution was enhanced to resist local movements (PCT/EP2013/061835). APTHARINE / APHTAPLUS solution also contains some specific plant tannins capable of binding with bacterial lipopolysaccharides (LPS) to reduce microbial load in the injury. APHTARINE is also enriched in honey as honey contains Fe ions catalyzing the conversion of water (H2O) into H2O2 Fe . H2O2 bubbles attach to & remove hidden contaminants. A clean injury is less painful and heals very fast.

Product Presentation: 10mL Tube.
Posology: A few drops, directly on the lesion, 3-4 times per day up to complete healing.
Regulatory Status: Due to the mechanical topical filmogen activity without any pharmacological, biological, metabolic or immunological interaction with the cellular structure: Class I Medical Device in Europe.
Contraindications: Not to be used in the pediatric population under 3 years of age. Totally safe during pregnancy or lactation.
Side Effects: Slight burning sensation for about 1 min following product application.