BIO GOLD MASS is a delicious, high calorie-dense premium weight gain formula specially designed for the hard gainers. Each serving of BIO GOLD MASS contains a whooping 60g of premium quality protein from Biobolics Gold Multi Source Protein Blend. BCAA�s & Glutamine are added to experience faster and better lean muscle development and making it ideal for tissue repair. 

BIO GOLD MASS also features a low glycemic index carbohydrate source from Biobolics Gold Carb Blend. Two serving daily with milk provides over 2000 calories for maximum growth. BIO GOLD MASS has 1:3 Protein to Carbohydrate ratio and stimulates Muscle Fibre Hypretrophy (muscle growth), making it the most muscle enhanced weight gainer in the market.

Available in mouth-watering Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and Cookies & Cream flavors in 2.27kg (5Lbs), 4.54kg (10Lbs) and 6.80kg (15Lbs) sizes.