Pak Salamat Tamin (PST) is a company that manages a conglomerate of highly accredited brands of nutritional products like energy drinks, mass supplements, fat reducing product and vitamin supplements. Fortunately, by exploitation of a proper intelligence service and brilliant vision of years insertion in the food supplements market we are granted the title of one of the most creative companies in the Iran’s market in nutritional supplementation in our territory. The aim of the PST’s management is sales and marketing of esteemed products in Iran that moves us day by day, because our success is related to the Iranian concern to take care of health, body and mind, prioritizing the quality of life and well-being. And we are part of it and work continuously to be the driving force of the Iran’s complementary health. Furthermore, we will enhance our presence and productivity in our Iran Business, our major business segment, and will also focus on accelerating the development of our Business in nearby regions particularly middle east and CIS countries.

Our assiduous work process constituted the pivotal foundation of PST. The ingredients of our products undisputedly approved on the basis of the empirical research results published at highly esteemed scientific journals generated around the world. Our products for sales and marketing meets all requirement law enforced by Iran FDA and cohere with the approval of our indigenous public universities and individual researchers. We always strive to associate ourselves with the very best skills and talents.

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Our story began in September 2012 when Pak Salamat Tamin founder, a young Iranian entrepreneur inaugurated this organization. His interest aroused to experience the world of nutritional science the land flowing with major pharmaceutical and nutraceutical laboratories in the world.