New Absolute Protein 69g bars

New Zealand Whey from grass fed cows & 20g of Protein

Absolutely the CLEANEST and PUREST bars on the market today. Curb your cravings with a return to; wholesome, honest ingredients in a bar you can feel good about. Isn’t it time to give your body what it needs? What it deserves? We at Interactive think so too! The only bar made with New Zealand Grass Fed Whey, all natural, non-GMO and sweetened with stevia.

Who knew all natural could taste so good?
Every Absolute New Zealand Whey Protein Bar contains:

• 100% Grass Fed Cows
• 100% Certified New Zealand Whey
• 20 grams of Protein
• 100% Naturally Sweetened with Stevia
• Zero Trans Fats
• Zero Gluten
• Non GMO
• No Erythritol
• 3 Fantastic Flavours
Wild Berry Licious, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
Available as individual 69g bars with 20g of protein and 12 count box at all good health stores.

What's in your Protein Bar?

Let’s look at what you should be trying to find in any bar you pick up.
1. Protein Quality and Quantity Quality comes first, and that’s why I prefer a New Zealand Whey Protein Bar over any other. It is the purest, cleanest and most natural whey protein available, and is free of any GMO’s, pesticides or harmful artificial ingredients. Look for your protein bar to have between 12 to15 grams of New Zealand Whey Protein per bar!
2. Sugars and Sweeteners 
You want any bar you eat to be as low as sugar as possible, (ideally less than 7 grams) but be careful because some have very high levels of sugar alcohols, which some people don’t react so favorably to. Many protein bars contain sugar alcohols like maltitol, xylitol and erythritol, which in large amounts can cause gastrointestinal problems for many people. Some bars also contain hefty amounts of artificial sweeteners and sugar. I always recommend bars that are 100% naturally sweetened, including those with Stevia.
3. Fibre as the Primary Carb Source
Finally, also try and find a protein bar that contains over 10 grams of fibre. The more fiber it has, the more slowly it will digest in the body, reducing your hunger and keeping you satisfied longer!



Only Interactive Nutrition’s Absolute Whey Protein Bar contains only 100% Certified New Zealand Whey Protein as its source. The New Zealand Dairy Industry has incredibly high standards for product safety and humane treatment of their dairy herds, and never use growth hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms or any other chemicals.